Wave Art, what is it?

Wave Art is a customized wood carved sound wave imprint.  Looking at the picture above what you are seeing is this – a sound wave imprint is the actual audio voice wave form in visual form of ‘Mitchel’ saying “I Love You Mom” carved into the wood.  This carved audio wave imprint could be of anything that has special meaning to you!

Such as:

The heartbeat of your baby to be’s ultrasound, which you can acquire from your doctor visit

The voice of you, your spouse or both saying “I Do”, “I Love You”, “Forever”

The audio of your child saying “I love you grandma & grandpa”

Your voice imprint saying “Love You Forever”, “To the Moon & Back”

These are only a few of the hundreds of ideas that can be created!  It could be a bridal gift, a baby shower gift, birthday gift, a gift from you to your child for their bedroom, dorm our house.  That is the beauty of this custom Wave Art, it can be customized to say whatever you like!  In fact, many people like to have their Wave Art created with a lyric from a special song and that’s a brilliant idea!

The Steps to Order your Custom Wave Art

Step Three:

The size of your customized Wave Art can be anything up to 30″ x 30″.  So measure your space and give me the width and height of what you would like.  Remember, the larger the overall design is the longer the audio wave form can be.  The wood that I use is close to 12″ wide so any design which is larger than 12″ in width the additional pieces will be joined together and there will be a wood seam.  The seam(s) can run horizontally or vertically, it’s your choice.

Then email your information and audio file to cking@creativesoundimages.com or call me at 260-633-0100.  You can call me before you send me your audio file(s) or include your number and I will give you call to discuss your custom piece.  I will get back with you within one business day or less.

Step One:

Sending me the audio is easy!  Simply capture the audio you would like carved into your Wave Art.  Most everyone today has a smart phone in which you can record audio quite well.  Using this technology to your advantage is simple.

How to speak it into your phone:

In a quite environment put your phone slightly close to you or the person you’d like to as your Wave Art, hit record and speak naturally.   Remember, the best Wave Art is a natural heart felt version of what is being said because after all it’s a visual imprint of the actual words spoken.

How much can be said and carved into the Wave Art?

Well the length of the Wave Art is based upon the length of your recording.  A custom Wave Art carving can be created up to 30 inches wide, so a lot can fit in that length.  Or it can be a few words or short phrase whatever you like. Just keep in mind that the larger your Wave Art is the pricing will correspond with the size.

But what if the audio you want to use is from a DVD or CD such as from a wedding or other type of event?

If your audio is from a DVD or CD all you need to do is pop in the disc into your DVD player, locate the spot on the DVD/CD which you’d like as your Wave Art – pause 5 or so seconds before that spot, place your phone by the speaker hit record on your phone and then ‘play’ on your DVD player then hit stop record on your phone – check that the recording was properly captured on your phone and once it is text or email me that audio file from your phone.

What if I would like the main lyric from a specific song as the audio imprint of my Wave Art?

Perfect!  Just let me know the song and the lyric portion you would like carved into your Wave Art and we’ll get it done.  Just keep in mind something like this will take up more width so your Wave Art will need to be wide enough to accommodate the lyric.



Step Two:

Your Wave Art doesn’t have to have any written text as the picture above telling someone what the audio wave form represents.  But if you choose to have the actual words carved out, name and date as the picture above then here is what is needed.

Choose a font that you like.  You can have up to two font choices; one for what the wave form is saying such as “I Love You Mom” above and a different font for the name and date…or of course they can be the same, it’s your choice.

Most all standard fonts are available so simply let me know your choice(s) and if there are any issues I will communicate them with you directly.