If your company sells audio products,
consider the cost savings of outsourcing
your production work.

C.S.I. currently services many Retail On Hold Dealers across the United States and Australia.  We’ve earned a reputation throughout the telephone on-hold industry as a premier wholesale production studio, providing a well-balanced, professional voice talent pool as well as our innovative music library website designed especially for you and your clients.  We consistently ‘wow’ our clients with our quick turnaround time and ability to think outside the box when there is a need for a unique/creative production.  And when it comes to on-hold audio quality, it doesn’t get any better than C.S.I. and we prove it with each and every production.

C.S.I. doesn’t stop with on hold productions.  Not at all.  We are a ‘Full‘ service production studio which means if you offer your clients products such as; Jingles, Broadcast Radio/TV Spots, Web Audio, Voice Over for Video, Powerpoint & Training Videos, Voice Mail Prompts, or any special production type that you can come up with C.S.I. can fulfill your needs.

C.S.I. offers a “Generic” Voice & Music Bed Web Site, making you look good!  The first thing you’ll notice is what’s not on this website: a business name.  This website is designed with you in mind.  YOU refer your clients to this proprietary site as if it were your very own creation.  Your clients have the ability to select their voice talent(s) and music from a professionally made site that will definitely make the right impression. C.S.I. provides this site to you at no additional cost: it’s simply one of the many benefits of dealing with a company that understands the on-hold industry.  Here, take a quick peek:  www.selectvoiceandmusic.com

Unparalleled quality and with a music and voice talent website: what more do you need? Discover what everyone’s talking about. Call C.S.I. or send an email for more information today. Please include your name, business name, phone number and the best time to reach you.  Take your on-hold business to the next level with Creative Sound Images.

Exceptional service, exceptional quality, exceptional turn around – Creative Sound Images.

Alan and I wanted to let you know how much we have appreciated our relationship with you and Creative Sound Images throughout the years.

From the variety and number of excellent voice talents and music selections, to your quick turnaround time and excellent service, especially when we were “in a pinch”, you always delivered and did what you said you would do when you said you would do it, and that’s important for “service intensive” businesses like ours.

We could not have attracted the caliber of clients that we did, or grown to the point that we did without you there to “make us sound great”.

Alan and I wish you every success both personally and professionally.


Marlene Goland
Message On Hold Plus, Inc.

Alan & Marleen Goland

Owners, Message On Hold Plus, Inc.

Why outsource your productions?

» If you’re a small business you quickly realize that nothing happens without sales, and if you’re producing productions, you’re not selling.

» Outsourcing gives you the results you want without the headaches of training staff, benefits, sick days as well as all the other aggravations that can accompany in-house staff.

» With C.S.I. you pay per production. So if there’s little to produce you’re not paying a salary.

» You still retain quality control while keeping your customers satisfied with top shelf productions.